Under Vehicle Surveillance System Fixed

Caught in the Act introduces this new technology that allows you to scrutinise vehicles for explosives in an accurate, fast and effective method.

The reliability and quality of Digital Colour UVSS is proven with worldwide installations in areas such as airports, military bases, government buildings as well as other valuable premises.

The system is fairly presentable at the entrance of your premises and our skilled team is ready to conduct maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency.

Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System

The Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System is an electronic version of the belly scope mirror commonly used to check explosives under the vehicle.

This new gadget is ideal since it detects objects that cannot be seen easily using the belly scope mirror. The equipment has high definition video camera with infrared night vision capability at the bottom. It also has a 7-inch high definition LCD screen.

Just like the belly scope mirror the equipment is placed strategically under the vehicle. However the difference between the two is that the UVSS uses a camera to relay information to the LCD screen for the operator to see what is under the vehicle. The interesting part about this equipment is that it saves on time since one doesn’t have to go round the vehicle while inspecting. Using a wireless remote control to rotate the camera the operator is able to see every point under the vehicle from one strategic point. The camera rotates at a maximum horizontal angle of 355 degrees and a minimum horizontal angle of 22.5 degrees. Vertically it rotates at a 90 degrees angle.