Identify hidden threats in carry-on items, checked baggage and cargo at airports and transport hubs.

We have all witnessed the long security lines, the stringent carry-on regulations and the notorious pat downs that define aviation security. As new threats emerge daily, the efficiency of airports security screeners and their detection accuracy has a huge bearing on how quickly the queues are processed.

We work with partners who use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make their systems easier to use and smarter by automatically detecting and alerting the screener if an item of interest such as a gun or knife is detected.

Scanners for air cargo are available with openings to scan all conventional pallets and can also be configured for special requirements.

Our scanners for air cargo can scan a pallet numerous times to provide a clear 3D image that can be manipulated by the screener in any axis for a thorough examination minimising the requirement to break open a pallet for physical examination when anything suspicious is observed.