With a constant and evolving threat of terrorism and aggression, never before has the requirement to protect the government, utilities and public assets been so important.

The government projects can require complex logistics support and custom requests. We have experience in providing and coordinating end to end installations and service while meeting the budget requirements and deadlines to deliver the project. We provide a product line for application ranging from mailroom inspection to checkpoint security, embassy security, X-Ray scanning, large cargo and mobile screening. When throughput and advanced detection is critical, Absolute provides quality systems with low cost ownership, innovative features and proven performance.

Educational institutions also have complex requirements where protection of the assets and property is important whilst maintaining the privacy of the students and teachers. It is also imperative on schools to counter bad habits such as bullying and students carrying knives whilst also ensuring the safety of the increasing amount of expensive technology such as laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones carried by most students.

With over 200 installations in schools we have the solutions and the expertise for these requirements. All our installation and support team are fully licenced and compliant with the requirements of the education department and other statutory authorities.