Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your family, your home or your business. Our Intruder Alarm Systems are centered around total protection — intrusion and motion detection, video surveillance, remote system arming and control.

We are experts in alarm systems and know what it takes to provide you with the equipment and technology which will ensure your peace of mind.

We supply and install a large range of alarm systems and related accessories for residential or commercial use. With over 50 years’ industry experience, we know exactly how to secure your home or premises and create an environment where you can feel safe and protected.

To complement the alarm systems Back-to-Base monitoring is a service that can be added to your new or existing security system that takes the onus away from your neighbours to notify authorities when your alarm sirens activate. As soon as any activity is detected by your system i.e. power fail, intrusion, tamper switch etc., your security system will automatically send a signal down your telephone line to our 24-hour monitoring centre.

It is then only a matter of seconds before one of our highly trained operators assesses this information and depending on what signals are received, can:

  • Call the premise to confirm the exact nature of the emergency
  • Call you or others on your emergency contact list to notify you of the situation
  • Send out a patrol guard to investigate, or if required
  • Send the Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance