Powerful and reliable Metal Detectors

Absolute brings you the world-renowned metal detectors that are pivotal in ensuring weapons such as knives and guns do not gain access to your premises undetected. Without having to physically touch your visitors and clients this unique solution gives you an option to vet guests and safeguard your property.

Ranging from handheld detectors to Walk-through metal detectors, Absolute gives you an exciting range of product that will help bolster your security by prevention rather than reaction.
The Hand held provides uniform field of sensitivity in 360° and tip pinpointing to detect weapons and other metal objects with extreme accuracy.

Their user-friendly element coupled with their ease of maintenance guarantees you maximum safety and protection. Our Walk-Through Metal Detector provides the latest metal detection capabilities, allowing up to 60 people to pass through per minute. The unit is equipped with internet technology features for easy remote control and the latest upgrades.

This Walk-Through metal detector provides key features and functions, including 6 detection zones, each with an adjustable 400 level sensitivity, along with the capability to record the pass and alarm numbers. The key design specifications include its lightweight portability, water & weatherproof structure, temperature resistance and a durable plastic exterior coating.