Defence installations have a critical need to counter evolving threats against personnel, equipment and employees. We have demonstrated experience in coordinating flawless installations and service while meeting hard deadlines, remote locations, and even extreme weather conditions. Our systems are built around a core of proven explosives and narcotics detection technologies that have been designed for optimal functionality in the harshest of environments.

Integration of the various security systems such as CCTV, Under Vehicle Scanning Systems, Walk Through Metal Detectors together with X-Ray scanners for either baggage/freight or whole of vehicle can provide the screeners and the control room with a complete picture of the security situation at that point.

For harsh environment the systems can be ruggedised for fast deployment and to operate safely in extreme conditions such as in artic, desert or hot and humid areas. The operators of these systems are familiarised with the main components which are included in the spare parts kit to ensure continuous use of the system in the field.