An elevated body temperature is an indicator that an individual may be unwell, with COVID-19 or with any other illness where fever is a symptom.

Non-invasive body temperature measurement is a widely used solution to rapidly screen individuals and identify possible community transmission risks.

While there is no non-invasive technology to detect infection in non-symptomatic individuals, temperature screening provides a scalable solution for high traffic spaces providing a critical first line of defence.

Thermal imaging is a way to remotely sense temperature, relative to its environment. Thermal imaging cameras sense radiation in the form of infrared light. This information is typically displayed on an LCD screen, where different colour ranges identify the changes in temperature.

Body Temperature Measurement Cameras with Artificial intelligence that measure facial temperature are a first line measurement tool that detects facial temperature and provides an alert when temperatures outside the healthy band are detected as they are often one of the symptoms of pneumonia and other viral diseases.

Unattended Body Temperature Measurement systems can be installed at strategic entry and exit locations or mobile units or Kiosks can be relocated as required to facilitate the temperature detection of passing personnel. Some of these systems can also be integrated with access control systems to automatically restrict access to anyone with elevated body temperature.

The systems we provide can be mobile units allowing for easy relocation to different areas as required, permanently mounted to monitor thoroughfares or kiosks depending on the application.

This Fast and flexible deployment of these Body Temperature Measurement systems make them suitable for Airports, Train Stations, Schools and other educational institutions, Shopping Centres, restaurants and Cafes’ and Office Buildings

  • Fast Deployment and Easy-to-use interface.
  • Fixed or mobile thermal camera unit scans up to 30 people.
  • Accurate to within ±0.3°C.
  • A long range of up to 5m gives the ability to assess a person’s temperature without contact, even while they are wearing a mask.
  • High-speed screening to eliminate queues.
  • Reassure teachers and parents on the safety of the children attending the school.
  • Systematic and repeatable process.
  • Allows uninterrupted pedestrian traffic flows.
  • Provides visual and audible alerts.
  • Optional Integration with Access Control and Lift Systems.